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Remote Deposit Capture

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Increase your efficiencies as you eliminate your daily trip to the bank! Remote Deposit Capture allows you to securely (all data is encrypted for secure transmission) scan your checks and submit them for deposit, right from your desktop! Simply scan your checks on the desktop scanner (provided by the bank free of charge when you maintain an average monthly ledger balance of $25,000; if you fall below that amount, a $50 service charge will apply for that statement cycle). Submit the scanned images for electronic deposit to your Colonial American Bank Business Checking Account, and you will instantly receive a confirmation for your transaction. Here are just some of the benefits of Remote Deposit Capture:

  • Extended same day cut-off time: (Checks scanned and deposited before 5:45 p.m. EST will be posted same day.)
  • Saves you money: eliminates the need for a courier.
  • Increases staff efficiencies: Allows your staff to focus on your business as opposed to the daily travel time required for daily in-branch deposits.
  • Accelerates your cash flow: deposit checks as soon as you get them, any time, any day.

Our sales team will personally deliver your scanner, complete the installation, assist with office set-up, and walk you through the deposit process. All data is encrypted for secure transmission, so you can be comfortable that your information is secure.

Here are the requirements for Remote Deposit Capture:

    • Business Requirements:
      • Must have a credit score of a minimum of 650 with no significant derogatories.
    • Workstation:
      • Browser:
        • Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0 (minimum),
        • Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0,
        • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.0
      • Disk Space: 
        • 11 GB to 20 GB available disk space on the system drive (recommended)
      • Hardware:
        • Internet Access with 1.5 MB connection speed (Minimum)
      • Memory: 
        • 2 GB or higher (recommended)
      • Operating System: 
        • Microsoft Windows 7 – 32 bit - All editions
        • Microsoft Windows 7 – 64 bit – Professional
        • Microsoft Windows Vista – 32 bit – Business
        • Microsoft Windows Vista – 64 bit – Business
        • Microsoft Windows XP – 32 bit – Home
      • Processor: 2 GHz or higher (recommended)
      • Software: Appropriate Ranger Device Driver